The mission of The Sports DAO is to grow sports for everyone to own and enjoy on Web3. 

The Sports DAO Binance AFCON 2021

By delivering our mission, we will empower sports organisations and projects using the emerging Web 3 technologies. We reimagine and re-engineer the sports industry and deliver value to sports communities around the world.

Incorporation of the Sports DAO on Web3

The Sports DAO Ltd was incorporated in April 2022 in the UK. 

The company is a brainchild of Dr Lingling Liu, who has had an international career in sports management and marking for more than 30 years.

She had the idea for the Sports DAO when she mediated in the January 2021 the sponsorship by Binance for the Confederation of African Football during the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON).

Seeing the potentials of how the blockchain technology can come together with sports, Dr Liu started the Sports DAO on Web3 to pursues the ideals of decentralisation, digital ownership, and technology-enabled social responsibility in sports.

The company aims at bringing the world’s sports on to the Web3. 

Values of the Sports DAO on Web3

Sports players first: Our job is to put the interests of sportsmen/women first and help them raise funds for their projects using web3 strategies.

Community engagement: Turn the Cardano community into supporters of various adventurous sports projects. Community engagement is the key in helping sports athletes to succeed in their career,

Social responsibility: All of our projects will be sustainable and respectful. We have chosen Cardano as our platform, as we believe in the visions of sustainable blockchains.


September 2022: The Sports DAO Ltd partners with the Football Foundation for Africa.

August 2022: The Sports DAO Ltd becomes the marketing partner of Pixie, the Social-Finance company on Web3. 

Knowledge Transfer

As an entrepreneur and thought-leader, Dr Lingling Liu actively engages in public speaking and media exposures to educate and influence the public and business stakeholders about the sports in the Web3 context.