Sports DAO on Web3

We reimagine and re-engineer Sports on Web3

We use blockchain technology to connect players, fans, and businesses

We empower people to own and enjoy decentralised sports assets

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We have the DAO “

The Sports DAO Ltd is a UK-based consultancy with a
mission to empower sports organisations and projects
using emerging Web3 technologies. We reimagine
and re-engineer the sports industry and deliver value to
sports communities around the world.

Sports DAO on Web3 aims to create a world where athletes, owners, fans, and businesses are empowered to make an impact on the Sports they love, exactly the way they have imagined.

With our team of experts, we have positioned ourselves with some of the best sports property owners, events, teams, athletes, sponsors, and sports marketing and creative agencies from around the world.

We connect people in sports on Web 3 and create value for them, in the spirit of the DAO, or “道” in Chinese meaning the way of doing the right things. 


Sports DAO

Our Business Partners

NMKR Studio


Create Web3 & NFT infrastructure to empower solutions or real-world utility.

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Football Foundation for Africa

Football Foundation for Africa

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Social crypto earning.                                                 

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Our Team


       Lingling Liu, PhD


Research consultant

Dan Zhang, PhD


        Alice Hoang







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